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    Siblings Abou Mbye and Fatou (Fafa) Mbye inherited music from their griot family. Their mother Oley Chune was a singer, while their father, Barrow Mbye was a drummer. Their grandparents also hailed from a musical background. The two claim that music was predestined for them as result of their background. Abou recalls they started singing from a young age while living in a compound where singing and drumming was an everyday norm.

    ‘Neighbours far and wide would come to enjoy our music,’ he said.
    Abou and Fafa first burst into the scene back in 2009 and have been on the rise since, thanks to their unique style of music.
    Largely considered role models to youngsters, the duo now have contracts in the US, UK and Senegal - where they continue to inspire youths far and wide.

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