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  • Language they say is the centre of music but here is a manding voice who reaches out to everyone regardless of his language, his tune and voice otradox depicts the sole of different generations, the voice of a potential leader for his songs are alters in the lives of people and his messages are about...Read More

  • Cess Ngum


    Francess Ngom alias Cess Ngom, daughter of veteran musician Abdel Kabirr Ngom is currently one of Gambia's finest female artists.

    She began her musical career in late 2008 and since then has released several hit singles including "Duma la Bayie", "Dream Boy" and "Duga Na Ma"...Read More


    Siblings Abou Mbye and Fatou (Fafa) Mbye inherited music from their griot family. Their mother Oley Chune was a singer, while their father, Barrow Mbye was a drummer. Their grandparents also hailed from a musical background. The two claim that music was predestined for them as result of their background. Abou recalls they started singing from a young age while living in a compound...Read More

  • Bai Babu


    Born Baboucarr Sambou on 19 November 1989 in Serekunda, he attended Serekunda Primary School, St Therese’s Junior, and SOS Senior Secondary School. One-time a keen footballer, who played at goal for second division side, Talinding United, the rising star took a dramatic turn when he started music in 2011 and went on to release his debut mix tape called ‘Dama Yii’ in ...Read More

  • Flame Squad


    After hitting the airwaves with their brand new single called 'Nop Kula Mak', the new kids on the block, Flame Squad, have unveiled plans of launching a video at a high class stage in Laico Atlantic Hotel in Banjul on Saturday 9th May, 2015. The audio and video of the classic project, both exclusively produced by the mighty Joluv Arts Entertainment, is anticipated to catapult the career of the squad ...Read More