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    Language they say is the centre of music but here is a manding voice who reaches out to everyone regardless of his language, his tune and voice otradox depicts the sole of different generations, the voice of a potential leader for his songs are alters in the lives of people and his messages are about truth and wisdom to whoever cares to listen bounded by the elements of life, Air, water and fire, to name a few.

    Heritage and decency represents the true identity of JaliMadi Kanuteh who has verily lived and cherished the ways of his ancestors despite widespread existence of various influences, in music and art generally. He is a very humble and quietly confident sanctified soul singer blessed with abundant talent and the ability to carry himself in an extremely appropriate manner, making him a fan favorite in high demand.

    Nature seems to be inclined in Jali’s life as history transcribes his family’s involvement in Music and art, a born natural free soul to take on and grasp the roots of culture, norms and tradition for his Songs has all of Africa's stories locked inside it.

    Though still young for someone who's ranked as one of the most gifted of singers the Smiling Coast has ever produced, JaliMadi wows every crowd in front of him with his melodious, smooth and captivating voice.

    His Afromanding way of music is a true manifestation of creativity for music urges exploration. jails effort they say contributed to the standing off point for the existence of the Afromanding Genre in the music world with the fusion of electro and local instrumentals, a bonifide tale to live glorious ever.

    Countrywide domination of the music scene here in Gambia is not an arguable fact about JaliMadi for he stands out an Ambassador proven by his songs and collaborations with other popular Gambian artist.